Jeffrey Meranto

I had everything going for me. Beautiful Loving Wife, home paid off, several small businesses and I got greedy.

My greed was driven by Fear. Fear of loosing. And through this fear/greed combination I ended up loosing most of what I thought to be important, my business, my home, even my freedom.

But by loosing these things I discovered I gained the knowledge of things that I could never loose. Most importantly the love of my wife. My wife who stood by me through all my trials and tribulations. My wife who never left my side even when I went to prison. I discovered that our bond of love was so strong so complete that even though I was at times hundreds even thousands of miles away she was forever by my side.

The worst of it was loosing my freedom. Once I lost my freedom I discovered how precious freedom is and by loosing my freedom I gained some small insight into the lives of others who I ended up being incarcerated with. Many men very successful in their lives of business and family. Men like myself who you might meet and never imagine that they had been “inside” – men who did and are doing time.

“Doing Time.” Such an interesting phrase for being incarcerated. Deceptively descriptive. Being in prison, people, for the most part, do nothing that actually furthers their advancement in life. Essentially they do nothing. They wait for time to pass by until their time ends. Meaning for some that time actually begins again when they are released into freedom. For others their time ends when they die. Death is the only freedom many of the incarcerated will ever know. This is an insight I’d rather not have but, this is knowledge I will try not to waste.

My Blog is about the events of the past that brought me to my new found knowledge and beyond. My name is Jeffrey Meranto. While my life is driven today by my desire to spend huge amounts of time with my wife my blog is hopefully crafted to make you smile. They say life is what you make of it and if you’ve made some mud pies along the way well. . you don’t have to keep eating them do you?




  1. I knew you were a shady character, I could tell by your picture. (I kid) I wouldn’t say time inside is wasted, I mean how many guys do you know that have 5 High School diplomas? =) Anyways im looking forward to reading more. Sometimes truth is stranger (and funnier, in your hands apparently) than fiction. Cheers.


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