Jeffrey Meranto

Bio: Jeffrey Meranto: Family Man. Delightfully Married. Retired Phoenix Business Man who went to prison for Marijuana. Writes about the hilarious events that led to his arrest, conviction, imprisonment, "joint time" and life beyond the walls. Jeff Meranto seeks joy and laughter in his life, explores the hypocrisy of the legal system, including the penal system, and shares his experiences all in his own Unique Laugh Out Loud Style. "Wanna Laugh? Jump On Board!!" Come visit my blog: jeffreymeranto.wordpress.com

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      1. I liked the Ball of String and the Schwinn Bike stories. The closed I have ever come to prison is Orange is the New Black. BUT I PUSHED THE ENVELOPE HARD!!! I used up all of my 9 lives in 4 years of college.


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